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 We know it can be daunting to look at your books, especially when you don’t know what the numbers mean for your business. Luckily for you, Panorama Bookkeeping is here to help. We provide an enhanced, panoramic perspective of your business. We go beyond the traditional role of a bookkeeper and into the realm of financial advising and analysis. With a full 360 view of your business and a keen eye on your books, you will be able to slash your costs and seize new opportunities. Together we will manage your records, increase your profits, elevate your business, and put your financial freedom into your own hands.

Debby Leong,  Professional Bookkeeper

Hi there, thank you for visiting Panorama Bookkeeping!

I work with self-employed professionals and small business owners
who struggle to find time and effort to maintain good records of the sales and expense activities of their business.

What separates me from other bookkeepers is that I not only keep organized and updated records of each business transaction, but I hold monthly advisory meetings to explain the financial health of the business so owners can make smart and informed decisions to maximize their profits and cash flow.

So, a little about me…   Having started my travel agency over 20 years ago, it was through this entrepreneurial journey and building a 6-figure business that I discovered the importance of managing finances.

Since then, I have been on a mission to help other companies keep on top of their books - all so that they can reach their potential, make empowered business decisions, and enjoy financial freedom!

LEONG_Debby Bookkeeper

My backstory…

Back when I first launched my travel agency, I found myself struggling to keep track of everything. So, I decided to outsource my bookkeeping requirements – and my improved understanding of finances was transformational.

The best part of all is that once I started keeping a keen eye on my travel agency’s financial health, business boomed! Working alone and for fewer hours than a traditional 9-5 job, I raked in over $1 million in sales with a six-figure net profit. Not only did I enjoy financial freedom, but I could also spend quality time with my family.

When the pandemic struck, the travel industry was hit extremely hard. However, thanks to always having my numbers and financial documents to hand, I could make the most of the US Government's financial support packages.

That's when I thought: why not make the most of pivoting, using my valuable skills and experience to help out other small businesses - many of which struggle to keep on top of everything going on 24/7 - with their bookkeeping needs?

Since then, I have launched Panorama Bookkeeping to aid fellow small businesses in taking control of their financial future - I am certified as QuickBooks ProAdvisor® in advanced level, and would love for you to come on board as my next client! 

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